Commercial Wind Turbine Installation

If your business is in a windy location with sufficient space a commercial wind turbine could provide your business with all the electricity needed. The quantity of electricity generated is huge, depending on the number and size of turbines used.
A smaller commercial wind turbine is typically power rated up to 5kW meaning it can produce up to 14MWh on an annual basis with an average 6m/s wind speed. This is enough energy to meet the needs of a business premises equivalent to 4 residential homes.

The advantages of a commercial vertical wind turbine include:

  • Protects you from increasing business costs
  • A continuous supply of renewable energy
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Minimises fossil fuel usage
Commercial wind turbines UK businesses can use to power larger premises have a power rating of up to 20kW and can generate up to 45 MWh a year with the same 6m/s wind speed – enough for packing facilities and warehouses.

The 3 types of Commercial Wind Turbine

Since wind speeds can vary across different locations, there are three main types of commercial wind turbines designed to accommodate various wind classes:

  • Class 3 Wind Turbines: Designed for locations with average wind speeds up to 7.5m/s, class 3 commercial vertical wind turbines have longer blades to capture energy efficiently from slower wind speeds.

  • Class 2 Wind Turbines: Suitable for average wind speeds up to 8.5m/s, class 2 commercial wind turbines are engineered to optimise energy production across a range of wind speeds.

  • Class 1 Wind Turbines: Robust enough to withstand wind speeds exceeding 8.5m/s, class 1 commercial vertical axis wind turbines typically feature shorter blades to minimise structural load while harnessing wind energy effectively.

Power Your Business with Renewable Energy

By investing in a commercial wind turbine installation, your business can enjoy a nearly constant supply of renewable energy, either fully or partially meeting your electricity needs. Any surplus energy generated can be sold back to the grid or stored in large batteries for later use.

If you require advice or guidance regarding the benefits of commercial wind turbines for businesses in Suffolk, we encourage you to get in touch with our team. Contact us to speak with our knowledgeable technicians, who will walk you through the available options tailored to your specific requirements. Embrace the power of green energy and propel your business towards a sustainable future.

Why Choose Us?

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