Showroom and Training Centre

Showroom and Training Centre, NOW OPEN!

Come visit us during our opening hours to have a look around and to ask any questions.

Clima Tech Shoowroom
Clima Tech Shoowroom
Clima Tech Shoowroom

Daikin has opened the doors of 15 new Sustainable Home Centres, an exciting new concept designed to help raise awareness of heat pumps and how they can help tackle the climate crisis.

The centres are one-stop-shops where local authorities, housing organisations, installers and even individual households can discover everything they need to know about heat pumps and the role they have to play in cutting carbon emissions, reducing energy bills and creating comfortable homes.
Here’s what you will find when you visit your local Daikin Sustainable Home Centre:
Clima Tech Shoowroom

Showroom facility

We want to help more households experience the benefits that heat pumps can bring – and to encourage early adopters to make the move. Our showrooms share information about all the advantages of heat pumps while busting myths about barriers to adoption. Every showroom has working heat pumps in place to demonstrate the technology in action, alongside everything that goes with them, including cylinders and controls.

Training facility

Every Sustainable Home Centre has Daikin-trained technical experts on-hand to provide advice and support and deliver bespoke training sessions. These could be tailored to local authorities or housing associations’ in-house delivery teams, asset managers, repair & maintenance teams or anyone with an interest in heat pumps. We can also train local installers to become Daikin-accredited.

Local stock holding

Our new Sustainable Home Centres are local merchants, too, holding and delivering stock in the regions they cover. This means no risk of stock not being available quickly for projects, and no risk of projects being delayed.