Solar Thermal Services

Reduce energy bills and your carbon footprint with solar thermal hot water systems tailored for UK weather and homes. As an accredited installer, we make switching to renewable energy simple and affordable.

How Solar Thermal Works

Solar thermal systems use solar collectors to absorb sunlight and convert it into heat, which is then used to heat water for domestic use. This provides 30-60% of a household’s annual hot water demand. Solar thermal works even on cold sunny winter days and pairs well with condensing boilers.

On very sunny summer days, solar thermal can provide a full 100% of hot water demands. Well-designed solar thermal systems with insulated storage cylinders minimise dips thanks to retained heat. We survey your usage and architectural factors to design the optimal system.

Benefits of Solar Thermal

  • Reduce water heating bills by 50-70%
  • Lower your home’s carbon footprint
  • Simple, proven technology with a 25+ year lifespan
  • Ideal for larger families with high hot water demand
  • Take up less roof space than solar PV

Clima-Tech Solar Thermal Installations

Our certified technicians will conduct a comprehensive site analysis, evaluating factors like your roof design, dimensions, orientation, solar exposure, and hot water usage patterns. This allows us to determine the optimal system design and component selection.
We then engineer a solar hot water solution tailored specifically for your home using best-in-class materials from industry leaders.

Our team handles the complete installation, adhering to strict construction codes and manufacturer specifications. This includes mounting structures, plumbing, electrical connections, and integration with your existing water heating system. We also complete full commissioning and testing.

Post-installation, we can provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring services to keep your solar thermal system performing optimally for decades. And you get peace of mind with warranties of up to 20 years on major components.

Why Choose Clima-Tech as Your Installer?

  • Fully Certified Installers: Our solar thermal installers are fully certified through organisations like the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). This ensures we follow strict standards and guidelines when designing and installing systems.

  •  Trusted Local Reputation: We have installed solar thermal systems for homes and businesses across Suffolk since 2015. Our reliable service and quality installations have earned us a trusted local reputation. 

  •  High-Quality Components: We use only industry-leading solar thermal collectors and system components. This guarantees optimal performance and longevity. 

  •  Efficient System Design: Our team takes the time to understand your hot water usage needs and building parameters. We then engineer efficient systems tailored to your requirements.

For a free solar thermal consultation or quote, contact our team today at 01473 798321We service all of Suffolk.